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Invest $99. Cut Your Home Utility Bills by up to $350*
Now that’s energy savings you can take to the bank!

10 Tools. 1 Workbook. Countless Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills.

SEE The Light Home Energy Toolkits are your energy efficiency “starter kit.” We tested the best energy- and water-saving products from the most reliable brands and bundled the Top 10 indispensable tools into a single, handy Toolkit for homeowners and renters alike. Then we added a 24-page Home Energy Efficiency Workbook, jam-packed with expert advice and instruction on reducing energy costs from the attic to the basement and every room in between.

WHO GETS A TOOLKIT? The Toolkits are the ideal gift for anyone moving into their first apartment, renovating an older home, or finally getting around to “greening” their living space.

* Based on an average annual utility budget of $2,200 for a single family home (2009 data)